Colibri - Full rebrand

Colibri established its reputation as a pioneering lighter brand. Founded in 1928, the business grew into a global brand. My brief was to turn the outdated lighter business into a full-range accessory brand with target markets within the US and Europe. The brand's history inspired the new identity and a beautiful and engaging brand story was developed, along with a set of brand guidelines and a consistent voice.

I was involved closely with each step of the design process and brand development. The logo was refreshed, without losing its character and links to the past. A new way of targeting three distinct customer groups was developed, opening Colibri’s market to an entirely new audience. A contemporary lifestyle look was created for each of Colibri’s three series with a distinct photographic style, colour palette and product. This was followed up with directing and producing catalogues, consumer lifestyle brochures, packaging and POS, environment and digital formats, eg., web design direction, e-marketing templates.

All work created with Lassalle Studio.

My role: 
Concepts & development
Brand identity & logo design
Brand guidelines
Consumer brochures & user guides
Art direction  
Web design direction & e-marketing templates
Packaging & POS
Environment concepts
Project management

product photography by Xavier Young;  lifestyle photography Minh Ngo